Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween! A bit early, but we're celebrating all week. We carved Charlotte's pumpkin tonight since we're heading to Eau Claire on Friday for the weekend.

All ready to clean out the pumpkin!

Perhaps she'll be ready for some pumpkin pie by Thanksgiving! It was pretty hilarious to see her nearly chomp on this huge piece of pumpkin. I see this photo as evidence that the GJ Tube has been a success; she is willing to explore with her mouth and hopefully that'll turn into swallowing and eating at some point.

We made it to Marquette and back yesterday in the "land hurricane" (I don't think it was an official land hurricane yet - it really wasn't bad at all). Charlotte was prescribed glasses. She is nearsighted with a refraction of -4. The doctor didn't think they were absolutely essential until she starts walking, so we're not rushing to fill the prescription. Soon, though, some adorable pink, purple, and/or sparkly spectacles will join Charlotte's wardrobe.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 22, 2010


We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful fall! The colors were incredible, and now that the leaves are on the ground Charlotte has had lots of fun with them.

Last week Sunday - Wednesday I went to a conference in Washington DC. This was the first time I've been away from Charlotte for more than one night and it was hard on both me and Patrick. My first night away Charlotte was up from 2:30-4:30 throwing up, so Patrick was extremely worn out from the beginning. Luckily the nights/days following were better. Charlotte got to go to daycare full-time for the three days I was gone, giving Patrick time to run and accomplish miscellaneous tasks while a single parent.

I did get to Skype while I was gone, and I've never had such a desire to hug my laptop! Without trying to give Charlotte a complex, I brought her back a "Future President" onesie from DC. No pressure. :)

Today we made a trip to the pumpkin patch, and Charlotte investigated this pumpkin at great length before deciding that it was the one.

While there we got to see a pumpkin catapulted over a field. Patrick and I thought it was awesome, but Charlotte was more interested in watching the people around us. Maybe next year she'll be watching the right direction when the pumpkin launches.

Tuesday we head to Marquette for Charlotte's eye exam. We're looking forward to finally knowing more about how good her vision really is. There's a chance she could leave with a prescription for glasses. If she does, her daycare told me this week to call them before we order any glasses because certain clinics in the area are willing to donate frames to Little Huskies when a child needs glasses to prevent the other kids from wanting to pull them off of her face (I'm sure she'd do enough of that herself). Just the latest reason we love Little Huskies.



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