Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

Happy Spring! We've been loving the beautiful weather and hope the "Winter That Wasn't" is over.

Since our last post Charlotte got to see her surgeon one last time (we hope). He gave her a new Mic-Key button which we found out last night is defective. The extension tube doesn't lock so it came out and pumped formula all over her and her bed in the middle of the night. We have an extra button so we'll probably need to put it in this week.

After that appointment Patrick and Charlotte met with a dietician. The dietician gave us ideas of how to increase Charlotte's calorie intake. Basically, Patrick and I cannot eat with her because the dietician suggested using whipping cream to make mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs and adding butter and oil to things. She also affirmed that ice cream is great (Charlotte loves it) and encouraged us to introduce more vegetables to her diet because we can add cheese to them (as opposed to fruit which is low in calories).

I took her to see the speech therapist this week and we decided to see her every other month instead of monthly. Charlotte's doing so well with eating that there's no reason to see her that regularly. In fact, starting tomorrow we are reducing Charlotte's tube feeds from 3 cans down to 2 cans. We e-mailed Charlotte's pediatrician and asked her to look at Charlotte's growth charts using he measurements from her visit with another doctor for an ear infection a week a go. She responded in under 24 hours and said Charlotte's growth looks great and 2 cans is reasonable. The plan is to give her two cans from 7-10 p.m. and then her time to get hungry will increase.

Time for photos...

Play-doh has been a favorite past time lately.

We got her trike out this weekend and she had a great time. Her feet just touch the pedals, and she's working on the leverage needed to propel herself forward. For now, mom and dad get to push.

The sandbox was primed and ready for sandcastle building.

Charlotte got a big girl bed this weekend! We have retired her crib and on Sunday night she slept in a twin bed for the first time. It was quite momentous because although it took 3+ hours to coax her to sleep (the idea of the new bed was exciting but bed time was a bit scary), she slept through the night, in her own bed, for the first time in about a year. I was almost alarmed when I woke up and she wasn't next to me.

Last night of course she woke up when her tube disconnected because she was all wet, but hopefully tonight she'll sleep soundly. Sweet dreams!



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