Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

We've neglected our blog! This is because I kept hoping we'd have good news to share and we do! On April 4 we saw Charlotte's pediatrician for a weight check and she supported our desire to give Charlotte a shot at going tube-feed free. We went back 2 weeks later and were disappointed to learn that Charlotte had lost 3 oz, but our scale at home had shown weight gain so we were also very surprised. Perhaps in part due to our disbelief our pediatrician suggested we keep trying for a month and yesterday's one month check up yielded positive results - she gained 5 oz!

She's still skinny at 24 lbs 7 oz, but our doctor assured us that a child's ribs should be visible so we're not as worried. None of us are in a hurry to remove her G-tube, but we don't have to go for another weight check until Charlotte's 3 year well-child visit in August. Hopefully she'll continue to gain weight!

We've been pretty bad at taking photos, but we've had lots of fun over the past month visiting family and enjoying the beautiful spring.

Charlotte enjoyed Dora the Explorer at the Eau Claire Children's Theater. Above she is coloring before the show began. Grandma and Grandpa Russell took us and it was a cute show.

Last Friday Charlotte had an eye exam that went well. Her prescription has changed only slightly and we're continuing with the patching - the longer each day the better. That afternoon we had fun at a plant sale with Grandma and Grandpa Distad and my cousin. We now have plants growing on our porch, so hopefully we'll be enjoying delicious salads and fresh herbs this summer.

We spent Mother's Day at the Arboretum, and Charlotte loved running around.

Here's a cute shot the Russell's...Grandpa Russell is behind the camera.



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