Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010

The weather is turning towards spring in the Keweenaw and hopefully that means we'll be able to get out with Charlotte more frequently. We should be in possession of our new baby jogger in a week.

Of course, we have to play "Beat the Clock" with any adventures since we are still held hostage by Charlotte's feed schedule and propensity for large emesis (sounds so much better than vomit or puke). Whoops, there comes some more now...

She has had more bad days than good in recent weeks. She frequently throws up full feeds as she is being fed or when we're holding her afterward or when we put her down in her crib or if we put her in her swing or if we lay her on a blanket or if we open a can of pop or if...

But if you disregard the eight hours a day we're feeding her, she is the happiest baby in the world. In fact frequently she will look up from her puddles of emesis, smile and immediately start babbling. In the last few days she has really mastered sitting up and continues to get better at manipulating her toys. She has the most fascinating conversations with them.

Yesterday was my birthday and we took Charlotte to the Library restaurant. She's now been out to eat 3 times and has been quiet and happy each time. Let's hope this streak continues through this weekend when we plan to take her to church for the first time.

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