Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010

Charlotte's first non-medical trip was busy but fun. We spent 5 days in Eau Claire visiting Pat's parents as well as a few other friends. The photo above was taken on Sunday at the Eau Claire Marathon. Patrick was a spectator for Charlotte's first marathon experience, and while it was fun to watch with him, we hope he'll be back to running very soon.

FYI: There is no large outline of the state of Minnesota at the rest area on I94. Patrick found this sign that served to mark Charlotte's first day trip to Minnesota on Monday. Charlotte met Pat's past co-workers from the UofM, got to visit Kurt at TC Running Company, went for a walk with Aunt Kelly and Cousin Tank, and had dinner with some friends from UMD. All in all, a busy day.

Walking around Lake Nokomis with Kelly and Tank.

Tim and Kelly became homeowners this year and we were excited to finally see their house!

It was fun to see friends, and hope it won't be as long this time before we're able to visit again!

Our little vacation was fun, but I think we learned about Charlotte's limits. We pushed her pretty hard and traveled like we used to before we had a baby. We'll probably take things a bit slower in the future because even Pat and I were relieved to arrive home tonight.

This trip did include a quick medical detour. On our way home we stopped by Marquette for Charlotte's eye appointment. She is near sighted and will require glasses, but not until she starts moving independently. Maybe in 6 months, we'll see! As the doctor said, all the things that "matter" (retina, etc.) look good, so that's a relief.

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