Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010

With drilling going on across the hall, Charlotte got an early birthday wake-up call yesterday. That made for a cranky morning. But after a long mid-day nap she was ready to celebrate and entertain!

Katie spent the previous couple of days baking and frosting cupcakes to bring to our respective workplaces. Charlotte and I dropped some off at the library and then visited Katie at work where she got some more birthday gifts. Here she is sporting the stylish wear her babysitter Andrea gave her:

Then family from Florida and Minnesota visited. We all went out to dinner (Charlotte brought her own) and returned to eat cupcakes....or whatever you would call this:

Last week Charlotte got a new, smaller/lighter feeding pump. We still had to use the bag from her Joey pump, but today she got a stylish new accessory:

Infinity doesn't seem like a good name choice. Enteralite Temporary inspires more confidence.

I make this look gooooood.

It's much smaller and compact than her other setup which we hope will help as Charlotte becomes more mobile:

What you don't see in that last picture is Charlotte tipping over backwards soon after it was taken. So we're not quite there yet, but soon!

Tomorrow is Charlotte's first day at daycare, a milestone we've anticipated and dreaded at the same time. But Little Huskies has pretty much won us over already. Today I took Charlotte there for a short while to show the staff how her pump worked and other general care instructions. I know we're paying them, but we are appreciative that they are willing to take her in given that she requires a little more attention than most of their charges.

One of our main concerns is her tube getting pulled out by inquisitive little hands (other kids and hers). But they let me know that they purchased little backpacks and tubes for all the kids to have in order to downplay Charlotte's curiosity factor. Like I said, we're paying them, but that is over and above and I think it makes going into this much easier knowing there is that support there.

3 comments on "August 11, 2010"

Lindsay on August 12, 2010 at 8:18 PM said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!

That is SO cute that Little Huskies bought all the kids backpacks. Totally above and beyond. What an awesome daycare.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I heart the daycare already! That is so sweet and amazing - I hope the transition period goes well.

p.s. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you guys had an amazing day!

Love you all, Marissa

Anonymous said...

Hello Russell family! Glad to see things are going well, albeit the hustle and bustle of family life that definitely keeps a spring in the step. We miss you down here! Glad to see you've found a running vibe Pat, and possibly see you at Mad City, but hopefully before that.

My oh my, Charlotte has those beautiful baby blue eyes.

be well,



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