Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

We had the best weekend we've had since moving back to MN! It was so fun. Saturday we rested since I still had a cold, which is now almost gone (yay!). Sunday my parents visited and we all went to the Como Park Conservatory for a little break from winter. Charlotte loved it - I'm not sure she can even remember summer, so she thought the leaves hitting her face were pretty funny.

Here she is with Grandpa and Grandma Distad.

Fun with Dad! It looks as though she wet her pants here, but unfortunately that's not it. She had a pretty big throw up, but luckily she was wearing a cute vest that was hit the worst and we were able to remove it.
I love this picture! Charlotte did a lot of walking at the conservatory and we've noticed a huge increase in the amount she walks since. We think her confidence level went way up because she had so much space to move around.

And, Charlotte loves to splash so this rain/evaporation exhibit was right up her alley!

We've had our fair share of visits to her clinic lately. She just can't shake her ear infection, so when round 2 of antibiotics wasn't working the doctors prescribed her with antibiotic shots. Tonight she received her second shot, so hopefully her infection clears up. Charlotte generally doesn't let us look in her mouth, but all the screaming she did post-shot allowed me to see that she's getting her molars! Now we're not sure if she's crying because she's teething or because she has an ear infection. I hold out hope every night that she's going to sleep through the night. It's gotta happen!

Tonight was an exciting visit to the clinic because there was a set of preemie twins in the waiting room and the little boy had an NG Tube. His parents were both nurses and said that putting an NG tube in a baby is much easier than in an adult (yeah, if you're heartless...just kidding). We didn't get to chat long, but their little guy has oral aversion similar to Charlotte. I felt bad telling them that she has a G-tube, but I hope he starts eating sooner rather than later. One thing I miss about Houghton is that here we don't know any other parents who've had a micro preemie. It was nice to have a little community of families who'd had similar experiences.

Charlotte's weight is up! This past Sunday she weighed in at 19 lbs 13 oz.

The U is closed on Friday, so Patrick and I both have a 3 day weekend! Friday is a big day for Charlotte. Minnesota's birth to three program is coming over to evaluate her for services and she's getting another synagis shot. Sunday is a big day for Patrick - his first race since our move back to MN. The weather sounds fabulous, and I'm excited to get outside and cheer with Charlotte.

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