Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15, 2011

Time has flown since our last post! On Sunday we made a trip to Duluth for a graduation party for the daughter of one of Pat's former UMD co-workers. We loved seeing our UMD friends and enjoyed a perfect summer day in the most beautiful city in Minnesota (the world?).

We enjoyed lunch at Little Angie's in canal park. We got Charlotte a kiddarita, which I think she would have enjoyed if she hadn't had a little piece of chip in the back of her throat. Instead she ended up vomiting all over, and Patrick and I shared the delicious kiddarita. In the photo above she's chewing on a cherry stem...we tried to explain that the good part was in her hand, but the stem made her happy.

We just had to take a photo in front of the lift bridge.

And Patrick taught Charlotte to throw rocks into Lake Superior.

She was very good at it.

So many rocks!

Last week Monday Charlotte saw her GI Doctor for a check-up. Dr. Erickson was very happy with Charlotte's growth. When we started seeing her in January Charlotte was in the 3rd percentile for her weight (actual age) and is now up to the 10th!

This was good news because we were concerned with her vomiting. She still vomits for no apparent reason every once in a while, but most consistently she vomits in the morning. Dr. Erickson explained that this is perfectly normal because she's being fed slowly all night, her stomach is draining slowly while she sleeps, and then she wakes up and everything starts moving faster all at every direction. At that appointment Dr. Erickson prescribed a new antacid so we can be certain that when she throws up there's no irritation to her esophagus.

Knock on wood...Charlotte has not vomited since Sunday.

We've had a couple of appointments with the occupational therapist. We're introducing a brushing technique on Charlotte's arms, legs, and back to work on her sensory responses. This is in case she's not eating because of the sensory reaction. Who knows, we'll try anything. Charlotte thinks the brush tickles and she likes it. It feels like a massage to me!

This weekend is Pat's sister's wedding. We're looking forward to celebrating with Kelly and Tim (and all of their friends and family)! Pictures to come!

2 comments on "June 15, 2011"

Andi on June 16, 2011 at 7:19 AM said...

Yay! Charlotte is growing up so fast! She's so cute. And there's just something so interesting about throwing rocks in the lake...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl Charlotte is and I love reading about all her progress. Have a wonderful summer and the UP misses you! Deb



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