Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

This post is from me (Katie) logged in under Patrick's account.

We haven't seen a doctor since our last post (yay!), and tonight Charlotte weighed 22 lbs 4 oz. That's all for a medical-related update.

See that teeny tiny spot of red mid way up the hill? That's Patrick running the Afton 50k trail race on Saturday. The race is traditionally run at Afton State Park, but was moved to Afton Alps due to the government shutdown (and associated state park closures). The course was very difficult. Patrick had trained on the original course and had thought he could run close to 3.5 hours. The back-up course brought unique challenges (running up and down the ski hill 4 times, for example), but he pulled through with a time of 4 hours and 30 minutes.

After the race we had a nice lunch on the patio of Sail Away Cafe in Afton with Patrick's parents.

Sunday we visited my parents. Charlotte has no interest in swimming pools, but she likes playing in the water while standing next to them. She ended up wearing a dry swimming suit most of the day.

Charlotte enjoyed looking at Grandma's flowers as much as Grandma enjoyed showing her them.

Surveying the backyard for dogs who attack with their tongues.

Here's Charlotte successfully navigating the maze Grandma and Grandpa are growing for her.

And now for the Fourth of July! Happy Fourth!

We returned to Afton along with a few thousand others for the parade.

Charlotte rode in style. The carrier allowed us to easily navigate the crowds and Charlotte was able to watch the parade over the heads in front of us.

She got a flag and held onto it for most of the parade.

We left the parade before it ended so that Charlotte could run and play at the park.

Before long the parade crowd joined us on the playground and Charlotte had to figure out how to share the space.



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