Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18, 2011

Here's Charlotte sporting a new hairstyle during her bath. This photo gets to be included in this post because we had to use antibacterial soap the night before her procedure.

She was a champ today! She didn't fuss during her vitals, even when her blood pressure was being taken, and she bounced back after just a short while in the recovery room. Her GI doctor said everything looked normal and we'll get the biopsy results by the end of the week. The doctor was even nice enough to brush Charlotte's teeth while she was anesthetized. She vomits when we try to brush her teeth, so once was better than never!

Here she is with the pillow she got in the recovery room at Amplatz Children's Hospital. The hospital staff were great and made her feel very comfortable! She has never been interested in sleeping with a pillow but refused to even read bedtime stories tonight without holding her new pillow.

We let Charlotte watch Yo Gabba Gabba today as a reward for doing so well. Here she is doing a dancie-dance.

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