Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9, 2012

Charlotte has become quite the animal lover! Memorial Day weekend Charlotte and I visited my parents and after a few hours she petted Kira Bear and even played fetch with her (see photo below).

The next morning she had almost forgotten her new friendship with Kira and instead wanted to snuggle with Big Gray. Unfortunately Big Gray didn't reciprocate the feeling and eventually hid behind the couch where she couldn't be reached. Baby steps.

AHH! I got new glasses! 

We recently learned that kids outgrow their glasses in 18 months or less - yikes! We found a great boutique in Uptown called Glasses Menagerie and picked up a new pair of frames. At her last eye exam her prescription changed only slightly, but it's nice that she has the latest prescription as well. And the best part - they are transitions lenses!

Last weekend Patrick set out to run 50 miles at the FANS 12 and 24 hour race around Lake Nokomis. He made it 43 miles before stomach cramps sidelined his efforts and then we all cheered for our friend Sonja who was among the brave (read insane) souls running for 24 hours.

Charlotte is becoming quite the running fan! Here she is clapping for the runners and saying things like "Go Runners!" and "Yeah Runners!"

Daddy's biggest fan crashed for her nap about 3 hours into the race. She is such a good napper that she slept for 1.5 hours while people around her cheered for runners.

After Patrick's finish we went home and cleaned up, played, rested, and ate dinner. Then, after all that, we grabbed DQ on our way back to Lake Nokomis to cheer on those who were STILL RUNNING. The race finished at 8 a.m. and I can only imagine those runners are still sleeping, over a week later.

Grandma and Grandpa Russell went to Vegas this week and we got their plants to water! Charlotte took primary responsibility for this job as she loves the spray bottle.

Here is Charlotte walking her dog on the streets of downtown St. Paul (note: her "dog" is a wooden cat on wheels handed down to her by our wonderful neighbor girls). Last night she named her dog Kira Bear (after Grandma and Grandpa Distad's dog) and has insisted upon taking her absolutely everywhere today. This afternoon she renamed, for a brief period, the dog Sandy and she and I replayed the scene from Annie where Annie needs to call Sandy to evade the dog catcher.

Here's a fun photo to wrap-up the blog post. We love the slippers Charlotte received from Grandma and Grandpa Russell from their trip to Amsterdam. She even wore them today in spite of the 90 degree temps.

We're going strong on the no tube feeds! We've adjusted easily to needing to stop and eat at mealtimes rather than just hooking her up to her tube and plowing through life. Her weight has been stable and we're hoping she can pack on a few ounces before we see her pediatrician in August.

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