Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15, 2012

Summer! We've been loving it. So much so, that the blog continues to be neglected. I was chastised this weekend by my brother-in-law's mother, so this post is for her. :) 

Three weeks ago Patrick traveled to the Badlands of South Dakota to pace a friend, Kurt, who was running a 100 mile race. Kurt and his family of 5 were gracious enough to have Patrick travel with them in their RV and I can only imagine how crowded that was for 4 days. He had a nice time and while he was away imagining crazy things like running the race himself in a few years, Charlotte and I spent the weekend at my parents' house.

Charlotte has grown so much since last year! Here is a link to a blog post with a photo playing in the same spot last year. Her head was about level with the telescope:

Grandma and Grandpa Distad have gorgeous flower gardens and here is Charlotte with a bowl of flowers she picked with Grandma.

Grandma and Grandpa took us to Oxbow Zoo. Grandma introduced Charlotte to the fact that goats eat grass and, as the old adage goes - the grass is always greener on the other side. Despite the green grass available in the goat pen this goat was going nuts for Charlotte's grass. She happily complied and would still be picking grass for the goat if we hadn't pulled her away.

Break time! Here's a nice photo of Charlotte with Grandma and Grandpa.

Since this weekend we've been pretty low key. On June 30 Patrick and I enjoyed the Twins tickets he won at a race earlier this spring while Grandma and Grandpa Russell babysat Charlotte. We all had a great time, especially Charlotte. :)

We've spent quite a bit of time at the park. Here's Charlotte swinging away. We continue to love our neighborhood. This past week we had a neighborhood picnic and the neighborhood association provided live music, a bouncy castle, and a climbing wall. Unfortunately I didn't have our camera with us but brave Charlotte put on the straps to climb the wall but didn't quite make it to the wall. I think she would have given in a try if not for the little boy who started crying on the wall and needed someone to help him down. She got nervous after that - maybe next year!

We cooled off on the 4th of July with a bike ride to a nearby splash park. Charlotte is much more comfortable in the water and holds her own with the bigger kids this year.

I thought this was pretty cute. She kept climbing onto Patrick's back while he sat in the pool.

Last weekend Grandma and Grandpa Distad came to visit and we took in the Mill City Farmer's Market, a tour of the Guthrie, and lunch at Cap's.

We took a very similar photo of Charlotte in the Guthrie last year and her shoulders met the break between panels. It's so fun to watch her grow:

Today we had a baby shower for Pat's sister, Kelly. She is having a baby this September and I took a few photos at the shower. Above is a fruit basket carved by Grandma Russell. Thank you Pinterest for models we could draw ideas from!

And the super cute punch bowl.

And the super duper cute little girl I brought with me.

Charlotte enjoyed coloring with markers while we played games. Here she is with Grandma Russell. Charlotte has recently become interested in jewelry and paid Grandma Russell a few compliments this weekend. She likes to touch jewelry, and says things like "I love it" and "that's beautiful" - it's very sweet. 

Aunt Kelly let Charlotte help with a couple gifts and Charlotte loved the bows. She is looking forward to meeting her first cousin, Molly, this September.

And I still find Charlotte eating to be a beautiful, glorious image. A nice photo to wrap up a blog post.

Her eating is having a positive impact on all areas of life. On July 3 I took her to her second appointment at the dentist and she has perfect teeth! Last time we were at the dentist they said her teeth were not as worn as they would expect and this was because she wasn't using them. This time, the dentist said she never would have remembered if I hadn't reminded her by asking about how they looked now.

And, just this past week she tipped the scale at 25 lbs. We got home late tonight and I didn't get a chance to weigh her, but hopefully she continues to maintain this weight and grow steadily. Next week we see our pediatrician for her 3-year well-child visit and to have her growth checked. Hoping for good news!


I forgot to mention that we have eliminated diapers from our daytime routine! She still wears a diaper overnight. Charlotte's new school uses correct terminology for all body parts and bodily functions, so toilet, urine, and BM have become common vocabulary around our house. She has been doing great urinating in the toilet. She seems to be afraid of having a BM in the toilet, so we have the pleasure of cleaning a pair of underwear daily. Let's be honest, when its a big mess, we discard the underwear. It was pretty gross opening up plastic bags of dirty underwear from Charlotte's school, so we implemented a throw-a-way policy.

I purchased  Dora water bottle for Charlotte if she takes a BM in the toilet. So far it's not working, but there's always tomorrow...

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