Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6, 2012

And another weekend has flown by! We had a nice time at Patrick's family reunion on Saturday.

Charlotte enjoyed playing catch with the football. 

And this girl always knows there's reason to celebrate!

She got to try out her fishing skills again. Only this time, instead of slimy fish, she caught a bracelet and magnifying glass!

Family photo time! 

Patrick let loose with some mad hula-hooping skills.

Charlotte braved the inflatable water slide. This climb was successful, but she slipped backwards on her second attempt and decided to stick to jumping in the water closer to ground level for the rest of the afternoon.

That one trip down the slide was a big drop! She looks a bit nervous here, but she was all smiles at the bottom.  

Fun photo op with Grandpa and Grandma Russell!

Here is Charlotte all ready for school this morning. She was very excited to wear the t-shirt she tie-dyed at the Family Reunion. She picked out the design and colors: blue, green, red, and pink.

The latest tube-free adjustment has been Patrick and my blood pressure not increasing everytime Charlotte goes down a slide on her tummy or climbs in any way using her tummy for leverage. I still get a little nervous and then I remember that there is no tube to pull out and she can play on her tummy all she wants!

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