Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 23, 2013

We bought a house! Well, we'll close on Monday. It has been an exciting (read: stressful and uncertain) couple of months between when we made the offer in early February and this week when everything officially came together. We drove by the house tonight to let Charlotte peek inside the windows - we are very excited for her to go inside on Monday afternoon. Here she is with the "Sold" sign.


It has been fun answering Charlotte's questions about moving. Questions such as "Will we take my bed?" and "Will we take the kitchen?" have been fun to answer. She seemed to be a bit distressed about moving until today. It helped that Grandma and Grandpa Distad took her to Como Zoo for the day, so she didn't have to watch the packing process. The current state of living in a city of boxes is pretty cool.

We'll be moving the afternoon of March 30th - let us know if you're in the mood to carry some boxes!

We also wanted to share a video! Charlotte participated in "Tumble Together" through Community Ed. Last weekend was her last class and here she is demonstrating her expert frontward roll, sweet patience, and developing bar skills.

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Leona said...

Congrats on your MOve. We are checking you out.

Love, Leona



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