Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 10, 2009

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Ronald McDonald House

Inside RMH

Not far to walk

Downtown Milwaukee in the distance

Car seat test - 5 minutes in - 2 hrs 55 min to go.

October 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

With discharge a day away, things are really starting pick up. Prescriptions filled, home health care setup, vaccinations, and the list goes on.

Charlotte's weight was 5lbs 14 oz overnight putting her in the third percentile. However, as you can see above, she has come a long way. The occupational therapist did her assessment today and found that she is right where she should be. She gave us some good advice on aiding Charlotte's development at home.

Katie and I worked hard on packing and tying up various loose ends. After two months here we've accumulated enough stuff that we're going to be quite cozy on the ride back. Charlotte got one last bath this evening and she'll get to wear her special "going home" outfit tomorrow.

At least we hope we're going home tomorrow. We can't seem to pin anyone down on an exact time for her eye exam. We've been pressuring doctors and residents for the last week to no avail. Because of the length of our trip and losing an hour to the time zone change we really need to on the road between 10 and 11 tomorrow morning. If the ophthalmologist comes later in the morning or the afternoon we'll probably have to put off our trip until Thursday. If that happens, lord have mercy on that poor resident, because Katie is going to express her displeasure very directly and, perhaps, violently.

So hopefully tomorrow evenings update will come from Houghton.

6 comments on "November 10, 2009"

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick, Katie and Charlotte,

I hope and pray all will go well for getting on the road by 10 or 11. Seemed like this has been a day of going home a long time coming. Charlotte is beautiful and I love the comparison pictures as to how she has grown. What a cutie.

Love and Prayers.
Leona Krieg

Heidi Watne said...

Looking forward to a photo from HOME! Keep the blog going - it has been exciting to keep up on her progress through you guys!

Heidi Watne said...

I thought of one other thing...if she goes home on the 11th - what a great gift for Grandma Kathy Distad's birthday! Now coming from her niece that sounds wierd to say - Grandma Distad....

Katie Matzke on November 11, 2009 at 7:56 AM said...

Congrats, you guys, on being able to finally bring your baby girl home!! She looks so cute and adorable!

Lindsay on November 11, 2009 at 8:31 AM said...

Happy discharge day!! Isn't that frustrating how you can't control when the eye exam will be or nail down a timeframe. I laughed at that last sentence.

Charlotte is so cute and chubby - look at those thunder thighs!! :)

Amy & Paul Beeman said...

Hooray! Today's the day! :) We'll be sending out vibes for an early eye exam today so that you guys can head out and be on the road before 11.

So happy for the three of you!



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