Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009

A little better on the feeding today, but still a long ways to go. She was definitely more awake today and that's a start.

Charlotte did manage to poop on her own without glycerin and she didn't make a peep during her bath.

5lbs 7 oz today.

Now that she is safely over the 5lb barrier we bought her car seat. Katie went to the City of Milwaukee to get the base installed. Now all we need is a baby that can go home.

2 comments on "November 5, 2009"

Kelly Russell said...

Charlotte needs a little more Russell in her - you could never accuse one of us of being "uninterested" in eating.

Come on Charlotte - it's time to go home!

Sending positive thoughts eastward,

Anonymous said...

Won't be long now! Woohoo! Steph just told me that at church the other day, they said a prayer for Charlotte. She asked that Charlotte be able to join us for X-mas. The latest pic of her is so cute! Weight looks good on her.
Take care and enjoy that little bundle!
Tina and the kids



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