Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18

Another beautiful day on Lake Superior. After a week of 90 degrees in Minnesota it was a bit of a relief to come back to highs in the 70s (no break from the humidity however).

Charlotte has been so happy during the day this week. She plays for long stretches of time and is scooting around on her butt. No crawling yet though.

The trade-off has been some pretty intense nights. Between teething and stomach discomfort Charlotte has been protesting at pretty regular intervals overnight . We're interested to see what effect the GJ tube has. The longer continuous feeding regimen didn't pan out. She threw up just as much only smaller amounts, more often for 20 hours per day. So we're back on 2 hours on, 1 hour off until she gets the GJ on 7/29. Never thought I'd say I'm glad we're back on 2hours on, 1 hour off.

Getting less sleep overnight has meant that Charlotte sleeps a little later in the morning which mom and dad have both appreciated. After a relaxed morning we headed out with the intention of going to Hungarian Falls, but as we drove someone nodded off in her car seat and so we kept driving north for awhile, arriving at Seven Mile Point on Lake Superior.

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