Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010

Vacation time! We arrived in Eau Claire late Wednesday night to start our vacation. We enjoyed spending time with Pat's parents and Charlotte got to take her first sink bath. Judging by the smiles on her face, I don't think she missed her whale tub too much.

We had a very short visit with my cousin Heather's family in Cadott. For whatever reason Charlotte's pump didn't charge properly the night before and it wasn't until we arrived that the battery died, preventing us from starting her feed. So, we quickly returned to Eau Claire and plugged in her pump. Lesson learned: we will always bring the pump charger with us just in case.

Saturday morning came early and we left Eau Claire at 4:30 a.m. for Afton, MN for the Afton 50k Trail Run. Patrick made me proud and dropped out when he felt the heat getting to him; perhaps a decision made easier since he has his sights on future races and didn't want to delay his training. Charlotte enjoyed the race and even got in a nice nap!

That afternoon while Pat went to a Twins game my parents picked up Charlotte and me and brought us to Kasson for Charlotte's first trip to Southeastern Minnesota.

Happy 4th of July! Charlotte showed us a new first today, she smiled for the camera. Really hammed it up!

Immediately preceding this photo was a very serious face until she saw the camera pointed in her direction.

Say Cheese!
So tired. Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

Hard to believe in a month she'll be a year old... It's been an amazing, tiring and trying year for all three of you... But the joys she brings definately out weighs all the tough days! She really is such a cutie and a blessing!

Love Marissa



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