Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011

Charlotte sported her new shades on our tour of Wisconsin last week. Her GI doctor in Milwaukee thought her virus may have "tipped the apple cart" and she was just taking longer to recover/regain her ability to not throw up. I wish he could wave a magic wand (it would make the trip feel much more worthwhile), but this week she's been throwing up less, so we think she is getting better.

It's been over one year since Charlotte's G-tube was placed. I remember thinking she'd have it for a couple of months at most, but here we are! The morning before her surgery I took a bunch of pictures of her without any tubes, and now I almost don't even see the tube when I look at her. In any case, here's one of her tube-free photos:

We had a nice Christmas with Pat's family, and then made our last trip "home" to the UP! Our last week at Tech has gone quickly. Today was my last day of work, and it was pretty sad! I'm definitely excited about my new job, but Tech is pretty special. Where else can I go outside in January and find 50+ students cheering on broomball games while groups of students are all over campus making forms for the month-long statue building? Patrick will wrap up his position at the library tomorrow, and then it's time to go!

Charlotte wore her Michigan Tech dress to my going away party. She was very timid around all the unfamiliar people, which meant I got to snuggle with her. :)

Here's Charlotte's post-bath hair. I love how it sticks up all over!

Saturday we load the U-Haul and Patrick will head out that afternoon. He's meeting some of our friends in St. Paul to help unload the truck. Unfortunately, I'll miss unloading the U-Haul because Charlotte needs her Synagis shot on Monday. We tried scheduling an appointment in the Twin Cities, but no one was willing to order her the shot without first establishing as her primary. This process would have taken about 3 weeks, and she needs the shot on Monday. Maybe Patrick will have everything unpacked by the time we arrive! I can only dream...

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Lindsey on January 25, 2011 at 6:31 PM said...

She is looking so grown up and still adorable as ever! I hope all is well. Hopefully we can visit with you soon. Maybe we should have a UMD reunion somewhere;-)

Take care!

Lindsey Pratt



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