Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26, 2011

We're in Minnesota! We've been without Internet, hence the lack of blog activity, but we couldn't live without it and as of this morning we are online!

The move went great, thanks to our friends in Houghton and the Twin Cities. I was a bit worried about Patrick being stuck unloading the entire U-Haul by himself, but that wasn't the case and everything was in our new apartment in under an hour.

Michigan Tech was nice to us up until the end and let Charlotte and I stay in an on-campus guest room (as opposed to our empty apartment), so I got to sleep on a bed! A minor glitch: we had so much help moving that Charlotte's travel bed was loaded into the U-Haul and on its way to MN before I realized it. Luckily one of my former co-workers was able to bring me a toddler bed for her to sleep in. Yes, Charlotte slept in a big girl toddler bed and she did amazingly. The first night she crawled out once, but otherwise she stayed in bed and slept. She and I arrived in MN on Monday the 17th as planned.

My new job is great. I think I'm going to love it! Every once in a while I'll get a little nostalgic and miss Houghton, but then something cool will happen like my parents came up on Saturday just for the afternoon to help us unpack, or Patrick's mom is coming to help with Charlotte this Friday...things we may have taken for granted if we hadn't lived away for a while.

We've been busy unpacking and haven't taken any pictures of Charlotte! I can't believe it. We're close to being box-free, so photos will come soon. Just this week she has started taking a few steps while holding on to one hand! Her first step is just around the corner.

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