Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011

We are feeling very grateful because Patrick has a job! Back in December he interviewed for an Executive Accounts Specialist position at the U and on Friday they offered him the position. It's exactly what he wants to do, and he's excited to start on Monday already! With both of us working full time Charlotte will be in daycare all day (instead of half-days like before). She started today with a half day, and seems to have done ok. I think it'll be an adjustment for us all.

Charlotte has been picking up lots of new information lately! She now loves to push her push/walking toys up and down the hallway, crawls onto the seated position of her scooters (but doesn't yet know how to move herself), and understands more verbal information as well. She knows what "brush your teeth" means (and only recently really started letting us brush her teeth), and she now says "up" to be picked up. A couple weeks ago she learned "uh oh" and says it anytime she throws something onto the floor or if her pump alarm goes off.

Recently Charlotte's eating took a nose dive and she was barely taking water anymore. The past few days things have improved and over the last 24 hours she's eaten almost an entire container of stage 1 baby food and loves to eat water on her spoon. If only one could survive completely on water, she'd be all set.

We are happy to be completely unpacked and the owners of a new-to-us recliner. Because we lived on campus at Tech we had very little furniture of our own. Now we have two chairs in our living room, which will be good enough until we find something more permanent.

Oh apartment living. We like our new home, but our neighbors have made things more interesting than we'd like. They apparently view the police as a conflict-resolution resource and, in the two weeks we've lived here, have called them twice. The second time the police arrived was this past Saturday night. I was unpleasantly surprised by them as I exited our basement (external door) to a flashlight being shone in my face. They assumed I was the person who had called, but after figuring out I wasn't involved in a domestic dispute they told me to go upstairs and lock the door. Lovely. I would laugh, but today I read about a domestic disturbance in Zumbrota, MN that resulted in a shooting death. We're hoping they move or break up.

To emphasize the positive - yay Patrick! We can't believe how fortunate we've been. Life is good.

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