Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Charlotte's third week of life continues to be challenging.

Her lung development has regressed and today the regular ventilator was replaced by an oscillator which gives rapid short breathes. When we left this evening she was receiving air oxygenated at 82% which is very high and not good over long periods of time.

The oscillator also makes her whole body vibrate which, in combination with her lack of activity due to sedatives, makes it very hard to watch her.

The infection in her ET tube was narrowed down to a staph, which should have been taken care of by the vancomycin. The doctor consulted with a pediatric infectious disease specialist from Grand Rapids and decided to repeat the original cultures and add a viral culture.

Other activity included another x-ray of her lungs, another ultrasound of her heart, and another transfusion.

With my dad's departure for Eau Claire today, we are all by our lonesome for the first time since Charlotte was born.

Also I will starting my first semester of grad school from the NICU next week so thank goodness for ubiquitous wi-fi.

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