Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The culture of the fluid from Charlotte's ET tube came back positive for bacteria. They are still working on the specific bacteria, but Dr. Frei feels confident that they have whatever it is covered with the two antibiotics Charlotte is currently on. No growth from blood cultures so far.

Today it seemed that her levels on the ventilator were constantly being adjusted in response to her vitals and CBG (capillary blood gas) results. Increase pressure, hold breaths per minute constant, raise O2 saturation. Lower pressure, increase breaths, hold O2. Lower O2. Rinse and repeat.

It makes it hard to tell exactly where she is at, but Dr. Frei and the nurses all treat it as if its completely normal. Which it probably is, but none of this seems completely normal to us yet.

Feedings resumed earlier today, but she had bile in her stomach again this evening, so scratch the feedings for the time being.

Since she was born her long-term health and well-being has been the biggest source of distress for us. But in recent days, as we've slipped into the onedayatatime routine it no longer occupies every waking thought. But it's been replaced by the stress we feel as we watch her get poked and prodded and injected and scanned constantly day after day. Each time her brow furrows or she flinches it's hard to feel anything but helpless.

But tomorrow is another day - Day 17 is in the books.

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