Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

The days fly surprisingly quickly around here. We definitely are not sitting around here twiddling our thumbs.

Katie has been steadily improving, although we've had a couple trips to the ER here yesterday and today. Nothing serious, some bleeding from her incision and a bloody nose. But the blood tests came back positive and it just served as a reminder for her to get some rest.

Charlotte continues to remain stable and show small improvements. Its possible she will come off the ventilator tomorrow and get a chance to try breathing on her own. She started a getting a small amount of milk Wednesday, but she hasn't quite been digesting everything yet - although she's producing quite a bit of poop for such a small girl.

She had her eyes open for quite awhile when Katie and I were in the room this morning. And she continues to wriggle around a lot. She also seems to enjoy settling in seemingly uncomfortable positions - legs and arms askew.

Four days old and still going strong.

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