Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Charlotte didn't receive any more sedatives today, and it was nice to see her moving around again. She had her eyes open for about an hour this evening - the longest we've seen!

Another x-ray showed her ventilator tube needed to be readjusted again, and the nurses did that oh so carefully; it's hard to watch them adjust tubes going down her throat. The doctor said her biggest struggle will be with her lungs and that tomorrow we'll know more about how she's doing.

This evening her stats looked great and they've begun once again weaning her from the ventilator. We know we should be prepared to see her go on and off the ventilator, but we would love to see her go off the ventilator for good.

Thank you for all the supportive and encouraging messages posted here. They help us to feel less isolated in the hospital and it's heartening to know that other people care about Charlotte.

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