Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Patrick decided I should write the next update, so this one's from Katie. Today was day 10 in the NICU for Charlotte. The nurses feel it's ok for us to hold her for 1-1.5 hours a day, and today was Pat's first opportunity to snuggle with her. She was absolutely content on his chest and we both agree that we could hold her forever if they'd let us.

Another step for Charlotte: today they removed the CPAP and replaced it with a nasal cannula. The cannula provides a little less air pressure than the CPAP to keep her lungs from collapsing, but she continues to breathe completely on her own. It's very possible she'll need to go back on the CPAP or even the ventilator, but so far she's doing well. Her next step with regard to breathing would be to breathe independently.

Today's nurse gave Charlotte a brief break from the bili blanket, which meant we got to see her without foam goggles on her eyes (they protect her eyes from the blanket's light). She opened her eyes to check things out and luckily, we had our camera at hand. Patrick posted the photos and they're some of my favorites.

Tomorrow will bring another x-ray of Charlotte's stomach. She passes stool in response to being given a suppository, but hasn't quite mastered the digestive process. Monday's blood culture for an infection in her intestines has not yet shown any growth (yay!), but the doctor says it could take up to a week (although less likely after 72 hours). She will continue on antibiotics just in case and won't return to milk feedings until the doctor is ready to try again.

Everyday she shows us how strong she is and we love her more and more!

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