Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17, 2009

Charlotte did her best last night to make Nurse Kristen's shift interesting.  She continued her cycle of heart rate drops and O2 desaturations.  It's not unusual for preemies to brady a lot, but up until now it has been unusual for Charlotte and that is what is causing the concern. 

She has been showing improvement in her O2 tolerance. When I left tonight she was on room air at 4L of pressure and her desaturations that are not caused by bradys are much shallower than before (80-85% O2). 

As the day progressed her heart rate has become more stable and she has definitely gotten her feistiness back. Her 9:00 assessment was a handful. But afterwards she was wide awake and took her feed (by tube) with pleasure.  She seems to enjoy having her back rubbed since it seems to elicit a response that we're going to go ahead and call a smile, although it is more likely gas. 

Here is hoping she is over her little episode and her cannula pressure can be weened back. Then we can start working the bottle again. 

Mom is getting a little break this weekend (36 hours to be exact) as she headed back to MN for a baby shower. That means I get to improve my diaper changing and dressing skills (on Charlotte, not myself). I have yet to master the onesie routine, but I'm getting faster - at Charlotte's insistence. There is no greater motivator than pained screams.

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Lindsay on October 18, 2009 at 9:08 AM said...

Glad to hear everything seems to be coming together after the surgery. Have fun on your "break", Katie!

Anonymous said...


I remember the first time(s) I was left "alone" with my daughter, responsible for the diapering, changing, etc. Despite my competence at other tasks in life, I recall being shaken by even brief periods of solo parenting.

It sounds like Katie's 36 hour break is leading to some of this Dad-anxiety for you. Those times where Mom is away turn out to be great father-daughter bonding experiences and Daddy-confidence boosters.

Keep on keepin' on.

Greg Hexum



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