Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4, 2009

Another week comes to a close.

Today we gave Charlotte a bath in the new tub we bought at Babies R Us. Up until today we had been washing her in a small little bin which, while completely adequate size-wise, made it difficult to hold her upright and wash her at the same time. Now her tub has a little seat so its easier to maneuver.

Her feeds are up to a full ounce (30 mls) every three hours (eight times per day). The doctors are looking for her to gain 10-30 grams (28 grams per ounce) per day so she has some work in front of her. She continues to work on feeding by bottle and nursing, but she is still primarily getting her milk through the feeding tube.

We're still waiting to see some improvement in her breathing. She hasn't shown much improvement, but we're hoping with the added weight she'll gain enough strength to start leveling out. It wold be great to see that supplemental O2 drop soon.

You may notice to the right of the blog are some new elements to our blog. We learned about the Lilypie tickers from Willow Jenson's blog (also linked to the right) and thought they would be fun visuals.

2 comments on "October 4, 2009"

Anonymous said...

HI Katie, Pat and Charlotte,

The new perks are so good on Charlotte's Blog. Now let's see Pat your next degree is going to be computer science, correct?!

It is good to be able to see Charlotte growing up before our eyes via Cyber Space. Go TWINS GO on Tues. The students have me interested in the Twins wimming.

Love, Leona K

Katie Matzke on October 5, 2009 at 11:41 AM said...

Hi, Katie, Pat, and Charlotte! Glad to see she is doing so well. She is a cutie pie. Keep up the good work, and hang in there!!



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