Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7, 2009

The term of the day is: Projectile Poop.

Charlotte hadn't stooled in about 40 hours, so it was time to help her along. After some unsuccessful "rectal stimulation" (of which she was not a fan) she received a little shot of glycerin up her rectum. Shortly thereafter, the sounds of expulsion were heard throughout the hospital (ok, an exaggeration but the following is not). Once it was clear she'd filled her diaper I opened it to change her. That's when she really let loose and shot her poop beyond her bed. The nurse measured her poop splatter at a distance of 22 inches. Impressive, but there's more. After cleaning her up I discovered poop on the wall...6 feet from her bottom. Now, that's built up pressure. Today, for a brief moment, I was actually relieved to be wearing gloves and a gown over my clothes.

Otherwise, no big changes today. She took 10 mls by bottle at 6 p.m., had a "whale of a good time" in her whale-shaped bath tub, and maintained her temperature quite well.

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Anonymous said...

Lol... Oh my goodness! Sounds like things are all cleaned out now ;) Why is it that baby projectile is always funny, no matter what end it is coming out - Gross, but still usually a good laugh or our actions afterwards are. :) Kinda sounds like Charolette wanted to spice things up or at least make it more intersting. ;) Too funny!


Heidi said...

never a dull moment with those little ones is there? I bet she feels much better! Makes for some good laughs as you tell the story down the road - make sure to write that one down in her baby book!

Hugs to you guys...

Kelly Russell said...

That is some serious poop. I suppose this is only time where you were probably glad to be in a nice, sanitary hospital instead of at home, cleaning poop off the walls.

On the the other end of the digesting process: yea for bottle-feeding!

Keeping you in my thoughts always,

Anonymous said...

She is going to love you for this post in 10 years Katie =) Take care, Wendy Davis



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