Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009

Charlotte wasn't too interested in the bottle today, and we had to gavage most of her feeds. She does continue to breathe well on room air and the doctors are not going to take her off the diuretic until next week - allowing her more time to grow and get stronger.

This afternoon I was pretty relaxed waiting for 7 p.m. because I knew then we'd have 24 hours of our two favorite nurses (shifts usually are 7-7). Then around 9 tonight we learned that Charlotte is next on the list to go upstairs (to the 7th floor step-down unit) and if they get the anticipated admissions, she'll be leaving the NICU. They talked about doing this a while back and I was very opposed because I knew she wasn't ready. This time I think she'll manage well, but I'm still not looking forward to another hospital room and all new nurses who we don't know and who don't know her.

I'd prefer our next move to be back to Houghton.

On a lighter note, I finished Charlotte's quilt today and am looking forward to tummy time at home. In time.

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Anonymous said...

Just think that with each move to a new room and new nurses it means you are that much closer to going home. I know it's difficult and frustrating have to get to know the new nurses and for them to get to know you and Charolette. But remember that you are all there for the same purpose - To get Charolette home where she belongs. One step at a time and to think your stay in Wauwatosa is almost over!

Love you!

p.s. Do we get to see your quilt? You have definitely become the crafty person as of late ;) But then, if I was spending all my days in the hospital, I probably would too :)

Anonymous said...

Oopps - the above is from Russy ;)



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