Monday, October 19, 2009

October 18, 2009

While mommy is away, Charlotte and daddy will play.

A much better day for Charlotte. All her vitals improved. She handled the weening to 3L with ease and started feeding by bottle again up to 28ml (out of 36) at 9:00.

Since she was so calm today she got a lot of holding time - probably 5-6 hours worth. She also set a record for no-desaturations at 4 hours! I remember a time when we were lucky to get 4 minutes.

Hopefully all this points to rapid improvement from Charlotte. Feeding and breathing are the keys right now. She is making progress on the feeds and the nurses think she'll be ready for the regular cannula shortly.

Her original due date was November 9 and were hoping to be home by then.

4 comments on "October 18, 2009"

Anonymous said...

Great news, Katie. Thanks for the update. :-) Pat Lee

Kelly Russell said...

Thanks for taking the reins this weekend, Pat. It was so nice to see Katie in Minnesota, and the shower was really fun.

Sounds like Charlotte is as eager to get home as you guys are. I hope she keeps the momentum going.

You're in my thoughts always,

Renae Meservey said...

I keep checking on your little one. She is getting so big and strong almost time for you two to take your little one home. I was looking to see a weight on her now. Just curious....
She is in my prayers and thoughts!
Renae Collinson-Meservey

Anonymous said...

I check in daily and Charlotte is doing so well. She will be home before you know it.

Karen S.
Byron, MN



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