Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13, 2009

Charlotte wasn't quite able to maintain her body temperature in the isolette yesterday so she was back to living in what feels like a sauna this morning. Today's nurse said babies usually start trying to maintain their body temperature when they are over 1100 grams and she currently weighs exactly 1100 grams, so we'll try again when she gains a bit of weight. She still gets to wear clothes, but now she gets to wear just a onesie since heat is not an issue.

The pressure on her CPAP was dropped from 5 to 4 today and she's doing quite well. If she has a good night they may move her to a high-flow nasal cannula tomorrow. This would mean we could see her head and face again, so I'm hopeful.

Otherwise everything stayed the same today! Patrick and his parents headed out this afternoon after brunch at his Uncle Jim and Aunt Margaret's home. Charlotte and I are looking forward to Wednesday night when Patrick returns to Milwaukee.

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