Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009

Charlotte transitioned from the high-flow cannula to the regular cannula at 1.5 liters/minute today. It was exciting to see her take another step forward. Now we really can't wait to get her home, where we won't have to wear gloves and a gown to touch her.

The doctors don't feel she's at high risk of getting sick from MRSA. The bacteria has colonized on her skin, but she doesn't have a true infection. They say 20% of the general population carried MRSA on their skin at any given time, she was just lucky enough to be tested.

She's up to 3 lbs 3 oz now and her feeds were increased 1 ml today to 27 mls every 3 hours.

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Aunt Mary said...

Katie, Pat & Charlotte,
This is such good news after yesterday's update! Hang in there! Sending my love and prayers, Aunt Mary



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