Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 6, 2009

It feels like we arrived in Milwaukee yesterday when it was really 3 days ago...the NICU time warp at work. I was a little frustrated when we arrived because the doctors here decided to start Charlotte on antibiotics again even though the doctor in Marquette had already ruled out an infection. This meant stopping her steroid treatment which had begun with one dose prior to the decision to transfer her to Milwaukee. However, the doctors here have now ruled out an infection and Charlotte has made a huge turn around for the better without any new treatments (other than the nitric oxide).

All things considered, we couldn't have asked for a better day. Charlotte spent most of the afternoon breathing room air through the ventilator and her vent settings are being reduced gradually. By tomorrow afternoon she should be completely weaned from the nitric oxide. Out of nowhere she's started eating like there's no tomorrow - 4 mls every 3 hours!

Yesterday I was able to hold her for 3 hours! Patrick enjoyed holding her today for an hour until nature called and he had to give her up. We love being able to hold her as much as possible and now the nurses say it relaxes her - whereas previously it would stress her out. As she continues to get older she should enjoy it more and more.

While visitors to the NICU continue to be limited to parents and grandparents we enjoyed chatting with Patrick's Uncle Jim and Aunt Margaret this afternoon. We also got to have dinner with Andy and Robin who first took in the 11+ inning Brewer's game...kudos to them for surviving that!

4 weeks old tomorrow!

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