Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wireless at the Ronald McDonald House was down last night so we weren't able to post yesterday's update.

Thursday was another good day for Charlotte.

Her feedings are up to 16 mls every three hours. For her weight, a full feeding is 20 mls so she is getting close. She also had her first "real" poop. Up until now she has been pumping out merconium.

She gained back the 50 grams she lost Wednesday so she is back up to 2lbs 7oz.

Brain ultrasound still looks good and her lung x-rays are improving.

Yesterday both Katie and I got to hold her for awhile. She fidgets a little more when we hold her now. But the neatest thing is that she is now strong enough to adjust her head on her own. She does it in a couple movements. First she lifts her head from whatever direction it is facing and props up on her chin. She rests there for a little bit and then makes her move to face the other direction.

Today Charlotte will have her first eye exam. Katie was advised that it wasn't best to be in the room during the exam. It isn't painful for Charlotte, but she definitely won't like it and it would just be stressful for us to see her squirming.

It seems weird to say, but it's good to be back at the hospital.

2 comments on "Thursday, September 10, 2009"

Amy Beeman said...

Hooray for poop! :) I'm so glad to see that Charlotte is improving so much now that she is in Milwaukee. Praying for you all and thinking of you often.

Kelly Russell said...

Things are looking up - I've never been so excited to hear about someone else's poop.

Sending good thoughts from Minnesota,



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